Colombia Ethnic Groups

There are two Colombia ethnic groups that dominate the Colombia territory. Prior to the Columbian era, these were known as Carib and the Chibcha. They followed different languages and cultures as well as organizational structures. Another of the Colombia ethnic groups, Muisca inhabited the city of Bogotá, who based their social organization on trade. They are known to trade maize, emeralds, beans, and maize with other Colombia ethnic groups and Chibchan tribes like Guanes, Laches and Chitareros.

Another of the major Colombia ethnic groups that inhabited the northern Cauca River valley were the Buriticá. They were linked by long distance trade routes to a number of different ethno-linguistic groups like the Arawak people, Carib people and the Chibcha.

Colombia ethnic groups among the
Highland peoples

Here are s couple of the names of the ethnic groups in Columbia:

Arhuacos/Ijka,  Awá,  Coconuco, Guambiano/Misak,Guanes, Inga, Kamsá,  Kogui/Kággaba,  Muisca,  Pacabuy, Pijao, Tama, Umbrá, U'wa/Tunebo, Wiwa/Sanhá, Yanacona

Colombia ethnic groups among Lowland peoples
Here are the names of the ethnic groups in Columbia under this group:

Achagua, Andaquí, , Bara, Barí/Motilon, Bora, Carapana, Carijona, Cofán/Kofán, Cubeo, Cuiba, Chiricoa,  Curripaco, Emberá, Desano, Guayabero,  Guahibo, Hupda, Kuna, Kokama, Makuna, * Letuama, Masiguare, Makaguaje, Matapí, Masiguare, Miraña, Masiguare, Nonuya, Matapí, Muinane, Piapoco,  Nukak, Piratapuyo, Ocaína, Piaroa, Pitsamira,Puinave.

The internal conflict in Colombia’s started in 1964. The war was pitted between two main guerrilla groups, National Liberation Army and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia and the armed forces.

As per the Colombian and international law, indigenous people in Colombia are entitled to special security and shelter from forced displacement.

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