Global Development Network GDN

Before looking in the how GDN or Global development network helps the NGO’s and funding them, let us take a brief look at its origin. It was in 1997 that the idea behind GDN was conceived at The World Bank in Washington. But it was in 1999 that GDN was launched and it started operating as an independent network of policy and research institutes.

Global Development Network GDN has a well developed worldwide network and funds NGO’s working to meet the development challenges of our time. The funds are used to accelerate the pace of global development as well as encourage researchers by offering them the right platform.

Global Research Projects by GDN today involve several teams from across the world. Taking advantage of GDN’s extensive network of development experts, many NGO’s get immense help in carrying their projects forward. The chief objective for this project is to assess the social and economic impacts in many developing countries. NCOs’ working in Colombia to uplift the ethnic groups and indigenous people there get immense supports as well as funding from GDN.

The GDN, held its 12th annual conference in Bogota recently, attracting hundreds of participants from all over the world and pouring in of thousands of dollars to the Colombian capital. These annual conferences by GDN offer the promising researchers from developing countries to reflect on what they are doing on an international platform and take advantage of coming in contact with the -renowned policy-makers

GDN conferences are unique, not only in the large number of participants they attract, but also the wide number of issues they discuss. Colombia is one of six ‘countries under watch’ along with South Africa, Indonesia, Egypt, Vietnam and Turkey. GDN is well aware of the turbulent times and knows the importance of a new perspective at a wide range of development issues in the country as well as the issues concerning the indigenous peoples. Foreign aid and other external capital flows are important for financial sector development and domestic resource mobilization.

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