Native Planet NGO

Native planet, NGO, is completely dedicated to the protection and conserving the indigenous peoples in Colombia and other parts of the world. It supports and helps these groups speak out for themselves and raises awareness among the global audience about them and how crucial it is to protect them. No wonder these indigenous peoples have come to rely a lot on the native planet to give them a voice that the world can hear.

These ethnic groups in Colombia are struggling to retain their ancient traditions in the wake of the economic modernization. Native planet is also the protector of the planet's left over wilderness and biological variety.

Native Planet endeavors to lend a voice to these struggling indigenous peoples threatened to be wiped out due to modernization. They raise awareness through global education and humanitarian projects that are working towards helping the ethnic groups protect their own culture and traditions. They plan and implement projects only after taking valuable inputs from knowledgeable members of these ethnic groups in Colombia and other parts of the world. The idea is to carry out projects that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual culture.

Native planet has many big [projects and ambitious goals in its pocket. They are moving steadily towards accomplishing their objectives with complete determination. However, they are always looking for support in any form from all strata of society to help make a difference in the lives of these indigenous peoples in Colombia and around the world. You will find them inviting associations and corporations to become sponsors and ask people to get involved to help out these traditional cultures.

The native planet NGO is today helping traditional communities all over the world, educating their people, before they undergo rapid assimilation and extinction.

The Native Planet

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