NGO in Colombia

NGO in Colombia are working day and night today to offer protection of the ethnic groups and the indigenous people in Colombia. They put in every effort to give protection against the dislocation of indigenous peoples, peasants,  and other groups who have a special dependency and attachment to their lands.

A couple of the prominent NGO in Colombia are Native planet, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of indigenous peoples, and UNHCR.

The NGO in Colombia look to that the minorities shall be given protection against any policies of apartheid or ethnic cleansing. They work towards resisting any religious or racial composition of the affected population. Several NGO in Colombia were also attacked by Colombian paramilitaries during the 1980s.

The NGO in Colombia act as a role model for making attempts for successfully conserving natural resources as well as acting as guardians of biological diversity and wilderness on the planet.

The Native Planet

Read what the native planet is doing for the indigenous people of Colombia. Study the role & function of Native Planet in protecting the ethnic groups.

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What is UNPFII? Read about United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. Study the role of UNPFII in Colombia.

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