UBS Optimus Foundation

UBS Optimus Foundation s mainly focused on the progress of children, mainly their health and children. UBSOF or UBS Optimus Foundation has called for the cooperation of all eligible NGOs and their partnerships with different universities and colleges in Latin America, Africa and Asia, to work for projects aimed at connecting education and health. The idea is to deal with early child development program for children like nutrition, child health, violence and injury and  mainstreaming them.

UBSOF, was set up in 1999 by USD. Today it is helping and funding NGO’s working in Colombia, focusing on Global Health Research and Child Protection. The transparent grant strategy followed them makes sure to make complete use of the donations to produce lasting impact. 100% of every donation made goes to the supporting projects working for the progress of children and ethnic groups in countries like Colombia. The agency has till now managed to collect more than 100 million Swiss francs from thousands of donors to support numerous projects being carried out in different countries.

The UBS Optimus Foundation specially targets the poor children and their siblings in Colombia, who are the chief beneficiaries. It is already funding the Colombia Protecting Early Childhood from Violence project that focuses on strategies to help these children resist to all the bad that is happening around them. Other policy initiatives are worked at so as to have a bigger impact at regional and international levels

Recent research has proved that educational and nutritional conditions are important for the young children to expand their talents and face the challenges in life. But in Colombia, the reality is much different. Poor infrastructure, low awareness, and weak financial means keep the children deprived of the very basic care throughout their early years. Ngo findings through agencies like UBS Optimus Foundation offer a ray of hope in their lives and help bring some normalcy in their lives.

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