UNPFII in Colombia

UNPFII or United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples was adopted by the General Assembly in 2007.Ever since its adoption; the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand have all now endorsed the Declaration. Colombia and pointed to their support for the Declaration

The UNPFII works to promote, implement and support projects in Colombia, working towards the protection of indigenous people. Focus is laid on the health, education and culture of these ethnic groups. These Indigenous organizations working for indigenous peoples can apply for small grants from the Trust Fund.

A few members of UNPFII visited Colombia from in 2010 with a mission to observe the condition of the indigenous peoples. The indigenous peoples, especially the Awa are facing tremendous clashes and differences and other related abuses. These ethnic groups are really on the brink of extinction. The UNPFII members met with indigenous peoples, the governmental offices as well as other organizations and NGO’s working in this direction. Soon, it is expected that the human rights of indigenous peoples in Colombia will be protected and respected.

United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples also expressed a desire to collect input from indigenous peoples and listen to their concerns. The NGO believes that indigenous peoples play a very important role as the main stewards of the world's biodiversity as well as ecosystems. It plans to introduce more projects that will work at the grass root level with the indigenous peoples. Adaptation to climate change, environmental conservation and poverty reduction were a couple of the issues that need to be tackled. Innovative projects to this end are being undertaken in Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay. These projects were noteworthy because of the involvement of the indigenous peoples and working with them.

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